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How To Write A Long Essay On Any Subject With Examples

Are you scared just by looking at the number of words you have to write in an essay? The very first aspect of essay writing is the length of the essay. College and university students are generally given 3000-word essays which many students fail to write. But is this goal really unachievable? Here are some good quality tips from the best essay writing services on writing a long essay plus some great examples!

Follow the extended version of the standard essay format

The standard essay format comprises an introduction, 2-3 body paragraphs and a conclusion. You have to follow the same format, all you have got to do is include more paragraphs in the essay.

For example, the essay structure can be transformed as:

Introduction (2 paragraphs) Body paragraph 1 (can be extended to at least 3-4 paragraphs) Body paragraph 2 (can be extended to at least 3-4 paragraphs) Body paragraph 3 (can be extended to at least 3-4 paragraphs) Conclusion (2 paragraphs)

Start early so that you have enough time to write

You have got a lot of writing to do. So make sure you have got enough time for the complete essay writing process which includes research, drafting, editing, and proofreading.

For example, if you have got 1 month to write a 3000-word essay you can divide the tasks per week: Week 1: Decide the essay topic, research the topic Week 2: Prepare the first draft Week 3: Edit the draft Week 4: Finalize the essay, format the essay

Make notes and research the topic well

You have to write a lot, so make sure you have done some great research on the essay topic. Look out for the best essay writing services online and you will be able to find in-depth content for your essay. These services work for the students and provide them with all kinds of essay writing assistance.

Include facts, statistics, and examples to provide complete information in your essay. Answer all kinds of questions related to the topic such as “how, what, why and when”. Make notes about the essay topic in detail and then organize the ideas in a structured manner.

Do not forget to write a thesis statement

Your essay is going to be a long one so make sure you prepare a thesis statement for the essay that summarises the main purpose of the essay and provides a reason to the readers why they should read your work.

For example, for an essay topic: Effects of School Uniforms on Students, the thesis statement can be “school uniforms have been introduced to unify and identify learners but apparently, students are facing discrimination. Students are not only compelled to wear them no matter they feel comfortable or not and their parents are obliged to spend money on new uniforms every year.”

Find custom essay help online to save time

There can be a case when you cannot devote so much of time in doing the research and preparing the essay and you do not want to lose your grades either. If such a situation arises, instead of saying, “I wonder if anyone can do my essay for me!”, look out for a custom essay help online. The essay experts of such services can help you overcome your weaknesses and hence can help you create a flawless long essay.


The five key elements to take care of while preparing a long essay are: extending the standard essay structure, conducting in-depth research. Including proper examples, statistics and facts, and presenting a thesis statement. The students can also seek help from the best essay writing services to make the process hassle-free.

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