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# hack-a-thing
Hack-A-Thing for CS98 Senior Design and Implementation Project
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Hack-A-Thing for CS98 Senior Design and Implementation Project
## tell me what you've done in such a way that I don't need to actually run your project
I created a simple "game" in Unity 3D. I plan on doing something VR related with Unity for my actual project, so I wanted to create something with Unity for this hack-a-thing project. Although I've used Unity before in the course "AR/VR Design", I wanted to familiarize myself with the newer version of unity that uses a different rendering pipeline among other features. I also wanted to test out using Unity with git. The game is very simple, control the cannon with the wasd keys, press spacebar to shoot, and try to fire the cannon ball into the watertower. In order to save time, I leveraged 3D assets / art that I had already created, but I did all of the game design elements as part of this hack-a-thing assignment.
## tell me how to run and test what you submitted in such a way that you take me through what you've done
To test the project you need to have Unity installed. If Unity is installed, download the project locally to your computer, open up unity hub, add the project by selecting the project folder, and then once in the project, press the play button to "play" the game.
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